About Us 

Little Dove Tails and Owls are a small family business based in Blackpool, Lancashire England.

We Release Doves for all kinds of Special Occasions,Weddings, Christenings, Memory Doves and Funerals. We take the utmost care of our Birds and invite you to our home to see them in their natural  environment, enjoying freedom to fly in and out of their lofts and Aviaries.

We offer a trial Dove Release in our Garden to see if a Dove Release is that Special  touch you are looking for.

Our  Dove Release Packages start from £59

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Our Story

Our Doves are a White Rock Dove type of breed and have the same homing instinct as a racing pigeon. Our mentor Steve Nicholls is now in his eighties and has been keeping pigeons since he was a boy of thirteen. His father said he couldn't have any at the local market so he stole two ! when his father found out he allowed him to keep them by doing extra chores at their stables. Steve and his wife Anne are member's of the Racing Pigeon Club in St Anne's Lytham which is Near to Blackpool in the North West of England,they have won many Pigeon  Races. I owe all of my skills of training and breeding to this wonderful couple, enabling us to provide a professional Dove Release service.  

Steve and Anne Nicholls

Littledovetails and Owls Home

Our Owls

Our Owls are hand reared by myself, they have the required A10 documentation registering for the UK with closed rings. A Current Member of the International Owl Society.